Specialized Services

Specialized Services

The company has a well trained, disciplined and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPOs)

Skills and Qualifications; The CPOs are trained on:-

1. Protective Escort
2. Protective Driving
3. Explosives and IEDs
4. Communication
5. Electronic Surveillance
6. Mission Plannings
7. CQB (cross Quarter Battle)
8. First Aid
9. Customer Care


We provide this “key watcher” system, that offers you reliable 24 hour-a-day automatic key control.  It is simple, efficient, and so much more than a storage cabinet.  It electronically monitors and automatically reports the status of any key.  Each key movement is tracked by time, date and any user code.  It helps customer control key security in many ways.

We provide a wireless home automatic alarm system which shall monitor house/home when one is a way (e.g. in town) - the system makes a call to one’s cell phone, to report an alarm event in case there is an intrusion in one’s house/premises.

This is an electronic keyless door locks which enables customer never to worry about keys again.  The system includes the use of fingerprint keyless entry, security pin code entry and card entry.  This system can also be used to coordinating building lighting system, access control, parking, and elevator functions and the entire security system (i.e. intruder detection and CCTV), together using one computer and one software; all the security systems and operations (e.g. access control, elevator function, parking control/traffic barrier control and automatic gate control) in the building/compound being monitored and controlled centrally by one person, under one computer and a software.

Ideal for parents with newborn and young children who wants to keep an extra eye on their kids. The system will monitor your sleeping child and inform you when the child is awake (or is in need of your attention).  In the child’s older age, the same system can also used to monitor the child (in this case the system will show you when the child is crying in your absence, or when in danger, or when somebody is talking to the child, or when the child has gone outside the set limit, or when the unit (Baby Monitor) has been switched off.

When one becomes unconscious or ill and unable to call for help, this body-worn system does it for him/her.

We provide all the solutions for controlling access into your business parks, housing estates etc.  Be it automatic gate, traffic barriers, parking control system, metal detectors and automatically doors systems, we provide it all-effectively, efficiently and affordably.

We provide high quality burglar/fire resistant safes for homes, offices and data- perfect for the storage of your money, documents and any other vital item that requires perfect security and safety.

This includes the normal CCTV surveillance systems IP CCTV systems.  Our CCTV department is made up of experts who are specialized in installation and maintenance of CCTV systems.  So, whether the customer needs real-time local monitoring and recording of his/her house, office, vehicle or any premises; or whether he needs to carry out the real-time monitoring over the internet while he is away from the monitored site; whichever the case, our team of expert has all the solution for him, in a most qualified, effective, efficient and affordable way.

We provide both walk-through and hand held metal detector that can furnish all your security checkpoint screenings.

We provide our client with a hand-held electronic system that will automatically alert the child’s caretaker whenever the child goes out of safety zone.  The system alerts the parent and then directs him/her to the exact position where the child has moved to.

We undertake the design and construction of wind turbine power generation system that can provide sufficient electricity power at any time and, anywhere (both in town and in the village).  Our wind turbine system will efficiently use the available wind in your locality, and transform it to constant sufficient electricity. Our wind turbine power system is reliable, efficient and affordable.  The quantity of electricity produced by this system depends on it’s design. 

FOKA TECHNOLOGIES will design and construct for the Wind Turbine Power Generation System according to clients’ needs/requirements and applications.
Note that it’s effective for one to own his/her own power generation system.  With FOKA SAFETY TECHNOLOGY, you can easily own your power generation system.

We have well trained and qualified security service providers (guards); skilful and experienced, alert and active, disciplined, reliable, respectful, neat, responsible (and accountable), educated (with good communication skills and good moral values) and has certificate of good conduct. 
We provide tracking services for vehicles, fleet, assets, employees, family or elderly people. With FOKA SECURITY, clients can know the current location, location, speed, status, condition and activity of their assets, vehicles or people at any time, and, anywhere.


SECURE TRANSFER SERVICES: - For assets, in cases where one is shifting from one place to another.

FACILITY MAINTENANCE/MANAGEMENT: - We offer safe and secure management to your environment, properties and even premises.
To carry business of repossessions, auctioneers, concession aeries, court brokers and commission agents among other services.

Other services;
Detectives, Investigators, Security Consultants ...