Alarm Systems


It is a simple effective way to call for help.  It comprises of push buttons fixed at suitable points.  It purely relies on someone being physically available within the vicinity to activate the alarm.  This system however can be upgraded at any given time.

We also provide a more advanced manual alarm system which neither uses normal alarm switches nor remotes; this new technology manual alarm system only depends on your sound or clap or touch for the alarm to trigger; so in the event of danger, you only need to either clap your hand or make a sound or touch sensitive surface.

Note that even thieves nowadays know the appearance of an alarm switch, however, with this technology, there is no ordinary alarm switch; in the event of an emergency, just clap your hands or make a sound/noise or touch the required surface-the intruder will be surprised that the alarm is already triggered without his notice.


We install and maintain state-of-art electronic car alarm systems.  The car alarm system includes sensors, control panel and a siren, among other things; the system ranges from a simple one, to those that are having remote starting system, LCD pager, and keyless entry; all in one car alarm system; we also provide a very high-tech car alarm system which is integrated with the tracking system.

So with all our very high-tech car alarm systems, you’ll never feel unsafe with us; we provide all your car alarm needs - you’ll never miss your so you’ll never miss your solution.


We have a fire alarm department which comprises of highly qualified and experienced technicians; for the fire alarm installation and maintenance.

Apart from the normal fire alarm systems, we have other very advanced fire alarm system, which incorporate the latest technology to communicate directly to the owner (through his cell phone) in the event of a fire.


This system is made up of a control panel, keypad and several detection devices such as motion sensors, magnetic contacts and vibration sensors.  Its advantage is that you do not have to be physically available to activate the alarm in the protected areas. Any intrusion will automatically trigger and set off alarm.


This can either be a body worn system, mobile system or immobile system that will need to be installed in the swimming pool area. The system will monitor and automatically help protect your loved one(s) from sinking incase he/she is in water pool in your absence. The system automatically alerts you in case your loved one submerges in water while you are away.

ALARM RESPONSE SERVICES:  Our backup crew shall always be on standby to respond to your alarms.