Office & Industrial Automation

Office & Industrial Automation


This is a control system for a modern house that gives you opportunity to experience a new level of comfort and freedom, and takes control over your house like never before; with automated home the house takes care of you. 
We provide customer - designed home automation system; ranging from power saving systems (such as automatic room light controller with human counter to turn power ON when the room initially gets occupied, and OFF, when the room is finally emptied), automatic irrigation / irrigation/water sprinkler and water system, automatic blinds and curtains (that would automatically operate depending on the amount of light in your room), music and audio distribution and home theatre systems, LPG/cooking gas leakage detection system, intercom system, gate alert system, PICCTV and Analogue CCTV.

Our team of dedicated professional system integrators will design a system that meets your personal needs, overall aesthetics and budget.


An automated and intelligent office will impress clients and visitors alike.  With a single touch of a touch panel, the lights will begin to dim, the blinds and curtains will begin to automatically operate accordingly, the motorized screen will drop from the ceiling, and the projector will come ON; and the ideal presentation is achieved in seconds.

Also, the design can be made in such a way that whenever the first person gets into the room/office (i.e. the room gets occupied), lights are automatically switched ON (and remains permanently ON as long as one or more person(s) is/are in the room).  However, when the last person leaves the office, lights automatically turn OFF.

In addition to this, lighting system is an office can be designed to be automatically controlling itself depending on the amount of light at that particular moment; blinds and curtains can automatically operate themselves, and quantity of lights can vary, all depending on the room light at that particular moment.

Air Conditioners and room warmers can also be designed to operate automatically.  Office automation also allows pipe-in music to be available in any specified area of the office (e.g. from director’s room to the employees’ lounge).  Each area will have independent control over the selection of music source, volume control and the likes.

FOKA TECHNOLOGY; we have the expertise, experience and technological know-how to provide you with automated lifestyle.


This is a state-of-the-art control system using your normal mobile phone to control any operation/process in your company while you are away from your company - you can remotely control as many things/machines as possible by using only a single phone; control your machines, computer server, industrial processes etc, from anywhere in the world, at anytime using only one cell phone to control any of the machine (independently). 
Each control for one machine is unique and does not affect the control (s) for other machines - each control is independent to the other and has a unique code (in the same cell phone).

Note that this system can be designed to incorporate security features such that in the event of fire, the system will first switch off all machines, then dial the pre-stored number to your phone and will deliver the emergency message.