Safety Kits

Safety Kits


We provide safety kits; such as Dyno-Tab K-Fuel Saver kit, Road-side Auto Kit, First Aid Medical Kit, Electronic whistle and more.

-Dyno-Tab K-Fuel Saver is a combustion catalyst that helps your engine burn more efficiently.  It is good for both petrol and diesel engines (i.e. it is applicable to Motor vehicles, motor cycles, buses, trucks, marine, tractors, generators, power equipments, heavy equipments and more.

This product saves fuel consumption, increases power and performance, boots Octane, improves fuel quality, reduces carbon deposits and emission, and eliminates knock and ping, economical and easy to use.

First Aid Medical Kit: This contains all one needs, to provide him with First Aid medical attention in case of injury.

Electronic Whistle: - This is a high power whistle that one has to press (instead of blowing) in case of emergency.