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range of services include; pest management, sanitation, in-depth safety inspections and technical support. 

The company has taken the lead in Nairobi in its efforts to reduce the use of pesticides.

This is being achieved through an eco-sensitive pest management programme which involves great emphasis in aspects 

such as hygiene, proofing in conjunction with the use of non-insecticidal products, trapping devices and monitoring systems.

- Mere control vs. prevention

- Minimal usage of pesticides

- Technical support

- Qualified personnel

- Service orientation

- Integrity  

- Many pest management companies will treat your facility for pests after the pests have been sighted by customers or inspectors, or have caused damage to your inventory or facility.

- Only Pestline Integrated Pest Management Programme partners with you to proactively eliminate pests before they have a chance to damage your brand, your business or your bottom line.

- We understand your business and care about your success. 

- Experienced Service technician with industry-specific training spend the time it takes to do the job right.

- Continuous product and service improvements reduce your environmental impact and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

- We proactively eliminate the pest issues you face.

- Customized programs help provide protection against the most common pests you deal with.

- Highly trained Service Specialists identify and communicate with you about potential pest risks, so you can correct them before problems occur.

- We educate your staff to prevent pest problems before they occur.

- Educational tools and training teach your staff how to implement and maintain best pest prevention practises.

- On-site consultation shows your team how to identify early signs of pest activity to help prevent infestations.

- We communicate with you regularly, giving you the information you need.

- Trusted experts regularly inspect, monitor and document pest-related issues, ensuring critical information is communicated to the right people.

- Detailed monthly service reports keep you up to date on sanitation and structural issues that contribute pest activity, enabling you to correct them.

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